Puu Pehe

Lanai Rocks - Puu Pehe - Sweetheart Rocks.jpg
Lanai Rocks - Puu Pehe - Sweetheart Rocks.jpg

Puu Pehe

from 500.00

Greg Piazza’s "Puu Pehe" photograph printed on Fuji Luster fine art paper.  

Edition sizes:

50 at 24x16 inches

10 at 36x24 inches

8 at 48x32 inches

5 at 60x40 inches

Custom sizes and mounting/framing available. Please contact info@gallery7nine.com

Available to purchase using ArtMoney

The story of Puu Pehe is a tragic one. According to Legend, a young Hawaiian warrior from Lanai captured a beautiful princess from the island of Maui, whom he would marry. Afraid that other men would be taken by her beauty, the warrior hid the princess in a sea cave near Puu Pehe. One day, a Kona storm caused the weather to change drastically, and the beautiful princess drowned in the sea cave. Heartbroken, the warrior carried the princess to the top of Puu Pehe where he buried her. Stricken with grief, the warrior took his own life by jumping to his death from the top of Puu Pehe.

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