Master Remix Project Statement

Not so long ago, museums struggled to boost their attendance. Today they boast of record numbers, and much of the credit for that goes to their incorporation of technology. A simple Google search regarding the modernization of the art experience yields hundreds of thousands of results. The articles span many years and locations, but one theme is prominent: museums need technology to draw crowds. People are now coming to art venues as if they were browsing at an Apple Store. 

Museums’ increasing reliance on interactive media is often eclipsing the piece of art itself. My current project, “Master Remix,” asks the viewer to consider how they experience and appreciate art. Applications like Google Arts & Culture and Instagram provide instant access to collections and artists far away. While this democratization of unseen art is important, should these resources be used as a replacement for viewing art in the physical form? Can one develop a true personal connection to art in a digital or virtual world? What aspects of the physical experience of standing in front of a piece of art are being lost through viewing art on a PDA or computer monitor? 

“Master Remix” provides an interpretation of how these great works of art are being experienced in the 21st Century.  When interspersed with the ever-expanding universe of ordinary art, masterworks lose their impact on the viewer. What cannot be recreated virtually are the interpersonal relationship the artist intended and the split-second of awe upon discovering artwork like Jackson Pollock’s 207-inch-wide “Autumn Rhythm.” Must everything so revered be so easily forgotten without a selfie to remind you?