Ingun Fosli is a self-taught photographer from Oslo, Norway.  Her photographs draw from her interest in architecture, art, and design. They capture beautifully composed geometry, interesting lines, shapes angles, texture and color combinations from mundane and overlooked details.  

"When something catches my eye, I usually shoot several photos from different angles.  The real fun part starts with the editing process where cropping is essential in order to find the right balance in the picture.  All of my photos are shot with iPhone because it's always with me, and I never want to miss a good capture." - Ingun Fosli

Career Accolades:

-  3rd Place, with 10 images, in juryed exhibition at Norways photomuseum, Preus Museum, in Horten, Norway 17- 18 August 2017.


-  Doka Instagram takeover with 14 images, 5 - 11 march 2018. Doka is a Dutch platform for emerging photography talents.


-  Invited to show 5 images on American Interior brand Supergood things Instagram account and stories 9. April 2018.


-  Featured at Aesthetica Magazine’s Instagram account with 3 images 23 May 2018.


-  One of three winners of Thisaintartschool and Kunsthalle Karlsruhe "doubleassignement" in May/june 2018.


-  Have also been featured at some Major Instagram hub’s like - Featureshot, Gominimalmag, Minimalzine, archaic_ mag, thisaintartschool, lucecurated,  Ihaveathingforshadows, bnw_captures, rsa_social, tv-monotones, minkmalism42, oksfieldmagazine, popyacolour, palepalmcollection, minimablu, lightzine, squareminimal, pocket_streetlife, minimaldotcom, minimalmonday, theexposuremag, TV-allwhite, curated_minimal, shadowpaintings, pocket_minimal, fivesixmag, realgoodmag, theolivetreemag

-  Featured on Italian fashion brand Martina Castellani’s Instagram account 6 Jan. 2018

-  Featured on Torontobased Lyfstyl’s Instagram account.